Philadelphia Eagles fans have been debating for weeks what is wrong with this football team. After the Birds dropped a must win game against the Cowboys and followed up by getting embarrassed by the Saints that debate has gotten hotter than ever. What’s the biggest issue with this football team? Some say offense, some say defense, some say the coaching, some idiots even say it’s the quarterback. I say who gives a fuck!! It doesn’t matter what what any of us agree to disagree on about the team’s issues. After the 48-7 drubbing New Orleans gave us, I am ready to call for somebody’s head. Somebody needs to be the sacrificial lamb and guess what motherfuckers? It isn’t Jim Schwartz that gets my vote. I’m calling for Mike Groh to get shipped out of Philly on the first plane Thanksgiving morning. After his dumbass comments about how difficult it is to get Golden Tate involved in the offense, fuck him!! Somebody book him a flight for Tampa, I’ll pick him up at the airport and drop him off in the middle of Polk County. Trust me, you’ll like that. It’s like getting dropped off in the middle of North Philly. Very bad things will happen. That also opens the door to promote Duce Staley to Offensive Coordinator which I am starting to become a fan of.

    Now, before I continue, let me say this. I know Mike Groh doesn’t call the plays and I think there is plenty of blame for Doug Pederson too. Doug is coaching scared this year. He is no longer “Big Balls’ Doug as he was last year.  He sounds lost in interviews and his game planning for the beginning of football games has been terrible too. We are the worst first quarter offense in all of football as far as points per game go.That is after being the best first quarter offense a year ago. We can’t run the football and have become completely one dimensional. Doug clearly misses Frank Reich and John DeFilippo and maybe we need to start giving them more credit for last season’s success. They helped form a solid offensive coaching staff along with Duce Staley and it seemed like most weeks the game plan was never the issue. The biggest difference between last year’s coaching staff and this year’s? Mike Groh has a much bigger role, so he becomes the fall guy because somebody has to be.

Something needs to change to jump start this season and get this team resembling the team of last year. Mike Groh for me has to be that change. You would have to think he gets fired at the end of the year anyway so why not just pull the trigger now. Make a statement and maybe wake up that locker room a little bit. It gives us a chance to find out just what Duce Staley can bring to the table throughout the week while working closely with Doug on game planning and in-game adjustments. Then hell, after the year fire the entire coaching staff outside of Doug Pederson. None of them deserve to keep their jobs anyway.