ESPN has been unwatchable for a long time now. It seems like most sports fans are tired of watching ESPN shove a liberal agenda down their throat. Everyone is aware of the recent layoffs at the so-called “Worldwide Leader in Sports”. Many popular figures were unfortunately let go at that time. One of the unwatchable on-air personalities that remained was Jemele Hill. Jemele has always been annoying and if her promotion to the 6pm Sportscenter slot wasn’t good enough reason to stop watching ESPN entirely, her recent comments definitely are. In a series of controversial tweets this week, Jemele Hill attacked the President of the United States Donald Trump, labeling him a “White Supremacist” and stating that “his rise is a direct result of White Supremacy”. Let’s be clear, comments like these are dangerous and potentially harmful. Jemele Hill SHOULD be fired, period. Suspensions or apologies are not good enough here. ESPN has fired people for less.

Of course Jemele Hill has not been fired by ESPN, at least not yet. That could all change going forward though. Shortly after ESPN released a B.S. statement in support of Hill, the White House and specifically press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called for Hill’s termination. This now puts ESPN in a tough spot. If they don’t fire Hill, they could face a lot of public pressure from Washington and you never know how ugly it could get. ESPN might have no choice at some point. ESPN has also fired employees for similar things in the past and it’s unclear why this is different. Curt Schilling was fired in April for posting on facebook his beliefs about recently passed transgender laws. ESPN claimed he had violated a company policy on discussing politics on social media. In a similar incident, Linda Cohn was recently suspended for comments suggesting that ESPN talked about politics to much. Schilling has been very vocal about ESPN’s handling of the situation and accused both ESPN and Disney of “liberal racism”. Plain and simple, this is a double standard on the part of ESPN and as Schilling points out, it is clearly liberal bias. Not that anybody is surprised by that. Again, ESPN has been unwatchable for a long time.

Of course, there will be people out there who support Jemele Hill. These people will point out how she apologized in a follow up tweet and made it clear her comments were not a reflection of ESPN. First of all, that is irrelevant and Curt Schilling could have claimed the same thing before he was fired. It wouldn’t have saved Curt, it shouldn’t save Jemele Hill. She is speaking to the entire world with her platform at ESPN and she crossed the line. Certain things are fireable offenses and this is one of them. Even if ESPN doesn’t want to terminate her, the pressure from Washington might get to be too much. For entertainment purposes, let’s hope it gets ugly. Not only does the White House force ESPN to terminate her but she is sent out of the country. Make her live in Canada with the rest of the people who threatened to leave if Donald Trump won the election. Don’t ever let her back in the country either, that way none of us have to see her on tv again. One can only dream but a lot of people would probably be a fan of that.