This is a wonderful time of the year. The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions The Flyers and Sixers have been inconsistent but flash how good they could be. Most Importantly your Philadelphia Phillies are days away from Pitchers and Catchers reporting and I cannot express how excited this makes me. Not only do I love baseball but, I am a huge fantasy baseball guy.

Its getting into the crunch time for draft research and if you have any last minute question Ray Flowers is a great follow on Twitter. He is very intelligent when it comes to fantasy baseball. Anyway I was doing research and I came along these tweets about Bryce Harper.

These stats blew my mind. Not because of my opinion or anything like that but considering people are saying he’s gonna get $350-400 million in free agency. Just think about that: a guy who has hit 30+ dingers just once is going to a stupid amount of money. He’s never driven in 100 runs. He’s scored 100 runs once He’s hit over .300 just twice. He doesn’t steal bases at a high clip.

This is not a rip on Bryce Harper in the slightest. He is a great player and an MVP. I followed him since he was a freshman in high school hitting 570 foot bombs into the Las Vegas desert. Thats a true story the documentary they do on him is crazy considering he is a 16 year old.

Still I am a Phillies fan and I have the right to hate him playing for the Nationals. I will continue to hate him until he signs with the Yankees for a cool billion next year even though he hasn’t earned more then maybe $125 million. Even then, I am not a big Yankees guy especially after they traded basically nothing for Stanton.

This is a story about fantasy baseball as well and if you find yourself with a chance to draft him you probably should. He’s in a contract year and is coming into what the analyst call the players “prime”. Now, I am not an analyst but that just sounds like he is going to demolish Phillies pitchers next season.