Joel Embiid trusts the process! He’s even made himself the face of “The Process”. The 76ers should be really good for the next 5 or 6 years and yes they have Ben Simmons, and Dario Saric, and Markelle Fultz and a good, fun, young team but it’s Joel Embiid who is the face of it all. He’s a dominant presence on the court and has grown into the best big man in basketball. The other night against Detroit, he became the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to score 30 plus points and have 10 plus rebounds in 7 of his teams first 10 games. He’s also a dominant presence on Social Media. In that game against Detroit he dominated Andre Drummond and taunted him the entire time he did it. Embiid posted on twitter afterwards that he owns real estate in Drummond’s head. Forget about his ability as a basketball player, my favorite thing about Joel Embiid is his ability as a showman. He kicks ass and takes names and it’s so fucking awesome!

Much like Wilt back in the day, Embiid has star power that goes far beyond the court. He has some “Hollywood” to him. Wilt was famous for being a womanizer and partier, living in New York while playing Philly, he was always on the late night shows like Johnny Carson. He just had that star power. Embiid is clearly the same way. Asking out Rihanna, dancing on stage at concerts, becoming a social media legend, he has clearly embraced his personality and is using it to bring positive attention to Philadelphia. It’s is something we should all love as Philly sports fans. Think about it. The attention is always on Los Angeles, or New York or Boston and we always have to be the little brother. Even when we had A.I. that couldn’t compete with Los Angeles and the star power of Shaq or Kobe. Imagine if Shaq played in Philly for a minute though. A guy much like Embiid who was so dominant on the court but also had so much star power off the court. Shaq made rap albums and was good friends with Biggie Smalls. He has been in movies and appeared on reality tv shows. Even when he was playing in Orlando, Shaq always attracted National Media attention. The most relevant time in the Orlando Magic’s entire history was when Shaq was the center of attention. Again, imagine if he would have played in Philly and attracted all that attention at all times. It would have been beautiful!

That is what Joel Embiid has the potential to be for Philadelphia. A guy with so much star power that he is the center of attention at all times. So much so where the National Media says fuck LeBron and Lonzo and that stupid clown show the Lakers currently have going on. Philly is where it is at. Joel Embiid is the most entertaining man in basketball, it’s time for the National Media to trust the process!