Freddy Galvis

The Gold Glove is supposed to be given to the best overall fielder at each position in each respective league.  The fact that Phillies Shortstop Freddy Galvis was not given this years award is ridiculous.  Galvis played 155 games at shortstop good for 5th in the league.  In those games, he made just 7 errors.  The Pirates Shortstop, Jody Mercer, made 10 in 92 less chances.  Galvis was second in the league with 637 total chances.  Now, the Gold Glove is an award where it helps if you make flashy plays.  Galvis made those plays as well.


I will never take anything away from Derek Jeter. He is an all-time great but he was not a good shortstop. In fact, he is arguably one of the worse defensive shortstops ever. This tweet suns up my frustration:


Freddy Galvis not winning this Gold Glove is a crime. The proof is in the stats. It’s time for this “award” to stop being awarded to players based on their name.