It’s that time of the year that all wrestling fans live for: Wrestlemania season! It’s always amusing to try and figure out what potential matchups and storylines could be on the horizon for the grandest stage of them all. One thing is for sure after Monday’s WWE Raw, the direction the company is looking to go in is a little clearer.

After only a week since successfully cashing in his Money in The Bank Briefcase on Drew McIntrye at Elimination Chamber to become the WWE Champion, the era of The Miz came to end this past Monday night when the former 2-time WWE Champ was forced to face ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley in a Lumberjack match. Lashley would capture his 1st WWE Championship and becoming the third African-American to win WWE’s Original World Championship lineage. Some WWE fans would be irate following The Miz’s short title throughout social media and even though Lashley might not be the champ the WWE Universe wants, it was the right decision.

Look, The Miz is a heck of a worker, one of the best the company has had over the years. He’s one of my favorite heels currently in the business, but let’s all be real… The Miz isn’t a headliner talent. People are not going to go out of their way to attend the first wrestling event to allow fans back since the pandemic or subscribe to streaming services to watch Wrestlemania with The Miz in the title picture. We saw the writing on the wall when he captured the title when he did to use him as a transitional champion to set up the next champion/storyline.

As the WWE tries to put together a star-studded lineup for their 2-Day Wrestlemania event, they will be likely without The Rock and John Cena who are both actively busy with filming projects, and The Undertaker who announced his retirement from the squared circle late last year. We already have confirmed Edge and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 37. Now the question is, what is the plan for Bobby Lashley now that he is champion? That direction is still unclear but the watch everyone wants and needs is definitely Lashley against The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar!

This is a marquee matchup for some not only in the IWC has been waiting for some time now but also for Vince McMahon himself. This has been a match the WWE chairman has been wanting to see for years but the timing just never seems to work out on both sides. But according to reports, McMahon feels both Lashley and Lesnar are in great shape and now might be the time to cash in on this moment with the title on the line at the biggest event of the year. The new WWE Champion did have a few choice words for Brock Lesnar during his interview with Ryan Satin may be setting up their Mania feud.

“‘The Beast.’ Where is he? Is he trapped in the woods somewhere? Is he hiding?” -Lashley on Brock Lesnar to Ryan Satin

The two former MMA fighters might not be put on a Dave Meltzer 5-star match but it would definitely be a headliner match that would intrigue even the casual fan to watch. The one issue that could cause some problems for the WWE to get this match off the ground is the current 2-week quarantine rules Canada has enforced for anyone traveling outside the country. Until that is lifted, we will likely see a Lashley/McIntrye matchup at Mania or maybe a triple threat involving the Miz.

The WWE does have another PPV before Mania, Fastlane taking place on Sunday, March 21st on the WWE Network so there still isn’t a guarantee Bobby Lashley will still be champion heading into Mania but that will most likely be the case with just six weeks away until the big event. So WWE Universe who do you want Bobby Lashley to face at Mania if he is still the champion? Sound off!


Written By Jeff Warner(@JeffWarnerNFL)