If you ranked the worst fan-bases in the country I am sure Philly would be at the top of most people’s list. However, this Minnesota Vikings fan, Guy Ficek is the biggest scumbag in the country.

During the CBS Philly broadcast of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles victory parade streamed live on Facebook, Guy Ficek actually published the following comment,

“Someone bomb this ducking parade like in Boston plz!!!”

I guess he assumed switching the “F” to a “D” would somehow make everything ok.

Throughout the 2017 NFL season and especially over the last couple of weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles fans had to battle with their oppositions’ fan-bases for ridiculous reasons, sometimes rightfully so. And yes, the mainstream media had a lot to do with blowing some stories out of proportion by highlighting only the negative in every situation, but what do you expect? That is how they make their money. However, this GUY (pun intended) took it to a whole new level.

Straight Scumbag

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