Alex Smith Traded To The Washington Redskins

As the Philadelphia Eagles prepare for Super Bowl 52, the Washington Redskins are investing in a 52 year old quarterback. I’m kidding. Alex Smith is 33. But it feels like he’s 52. I still remember Brandon Graham strip sacking him back in 2010. Feels like forever ago.

My initial reaction was confusion. I understand you don’t want to bring Kirk Cousins back, but you replace him with an older, not as good quarterback? Then, you extend him 4 years and give him $71 million guaranteed? Ah, good ol’ Washington.

This isn’t their first blunder. The Redskins continually make stupid move after stupid move. Robert Griffin and Albert Haynesworth really panned out.

Smith isn’t a bad quarterback, he’s solid, but I don’t see the point in any of this. In my opinion, I think they should’ve let Cousins walk (since they’re letting him walk anyway), play Colt McCoy for a year, have a top 5 pick and address your needs then. I don’t know if they’re looking to take a QB in this years or next years draft. But they have to take one eventually. And he has to play. But some franchises like the grooming route.

My idea is necessarily tanking, which guarantees you nothing. Just look at the Browns or Jets. But I think it’s a safer route than tying up money to Alex Smith.

I said tanking guarantees you nothing. But at least you wouldn’t of had to give up a 3rd rounder, Kendall Fuller and $71 million in guarantees. Speaking of Kendall Fuller, I thought he was a really solid young corner. He would’ve been a nice piece for that defense. Now Josh Norman is by himself.

So, not only does the Kansas City Chiefs get to start their young QB in Patrick Mahomes, they also add a solid corner to go with Marcus Peters. Way to go KC.

As for Eagles fans, I think we can celebrate after this move. The Redskins just acquired themselves a 3rd place finish.