Total Sports first reported:

Vikings Fans started a petition requesting a refund and blaming the Philadelphia Eagles Fan for their horrible experience, while failing to mention the play of Case Keenum. 

It’s been a few days since the NFC Championship game and Minnesota Vikings fans are still upset, not because of the outcome of the game, but because of how they were treated in and around Lincoln Financial Field.

The harassment and violence was evident from the many videos that arose before, during, and after the game.

The Petition Reads:

“During Sunday’s NFC Championship and a possible once in a lifetime experience most traveling Vikings fans were subjected to unprovoked death threats, thrown objects, physical alercations and extreme levels of intimidation and violence.The Philly police and security did nothing in 99% of the instances to deescalate the violence and assaults that occurred. I have evidence on camera of the police disrespecting our tailgating group on motorcycles.Just myself personally I had bottles thrown at my head that struck our vehicle,witnessed a CHILD get blasted by a beer, and had my hands cut from glass.That doesn’t even include what happened in the stands and restroom. The NFL and Eagles organization have a code of conduct and I think they should held accountable to their own standards. “

Since:  A counter-petition has been created

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