Best Fits for the 76ers GM Position

We can breathe. The circus is finally over. With the Philadelphia 76ers and Bryan Colangelo agreeing to part ways Thursday morning, the focus now switches to looking for a new GM. It better be one that provides stability. At the moment, Brett Brown is in charge of all basketball operations. He will oversee most of the draft, but the hope is that a new GM will be in place before free agency is underway.

This is a huge decision for this franchise. It also doesn’t help that this is one of, if not the biggest off-season this franchise has ever had. Coming off of a 52 win season, entering an off-season in which they own two first round picks and $25 million dollars in cap space. That number can increase by getting rid of some contracts as well. Simply put, the Sixers a gold mine right now. Any GM in the league would kill to be in this position. So, that’s a big positive. The Sixers need someone who will come in and do anything he can to get this franchise an NBA Title.

David Griffin:

There are many intriguing names out there. The obvious choice would be David Griffin. He and LeBron James have a great relationship. LeBron to the Sixers rumors have been swirling for months. And James was furious with the Cavaliers management for not bringing Griffin back last season. It almost seems too clear that he’ll get the job. But personally, I wouldn’t bank on it. The Sixers will do their homework before just handing someone the job.

Sam Hinkie:

Part of that homework would be looking into a reunion with Sam Hinkie. Oh man, what a story this would be. The “Process” would truly come full circle. It would have a very Howie Roseman feel to it. I love Hinkie and all that he’s done for this franchise. But what I’m worried about is his relationships with other executives and the players. Many people around the league criticized him. Then again, players aren’t coming here for the front office. They’re coming here for the product out on the court. It’s still something to take into consideration, though.

Michael Zarren:

Another interesting name and the guy I like the most is Michael Zarren. The big red flag with him is that he bleeds Celtic green. He was a long time Celtics season ticket holder before he ever worked for the team. Nowadays, he’s the assistant GM under Danny Ainge and their salary cap expert. People call Ainge overrated, and he may be a bit, but he’s still a good GM. I’m sure Zarren has learned a ton under him and would do excellent elsewhere.
It will be exciting to see how this goes down. All we can do is trust that the Sixers make the right choice.