roy halladay plane crash

The Pasco sheriff’s department confirmed the death of former major league pitcher Roy Halladay.

Earlier today, a plane was found crashed in the Gulf of Mexico. Upon further investigation and rescue efforts, the plane was identified by its registered number as belonging to legendary Blue Jays and Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay. A sole passenger was discovered deceased on the two-passenger plane, which was found upside down and in pieces. At 4:15pm this afternoon, it was confirmed as Halladay; such tragic news for his family, friends and the MLB community who loved him so. Halladay was a fine Christian and human being. He recently donated a canine to the Pasco County (Florida) Sheriff Department; a small example of his giving heart.

I remember the first time I saw Doc Halladay pitch.

He was a September callup for the Toronto Blue Jays, and pitched an absolute gem vs. the Detroit Tigers. Halladay pitched a complete game one-hitter, fanning eight Tiger batters that day. I knew right away this man was destined for great things. I was blown away by his mastery of the strike zone, his eternal fire to battle through a lineup and his fine sportsmanship. This is why he was so beloved by fans of EVERY team, not just his own.

Post retirement (two Cy Youngs later and an automatic punched ballot to the Hall of Fame), he took up aviation as his next challenge in life. He absolute fell in love with flying, as a means to recapture that same feeling as being on the bump. He just purchased the plane that was to become his final resting place. So sad for a man who continued to give to his community and back to the game he loved as a coach.

Roy Halladay A Great Man

Whether if he was in a Toronto Blue Jays or a Philadelphia Phillies uniform, watching Roy Halladay, you knew you were watching something special. His cool, calm, and isolated demeanor was seen in every pitch in every start he was in, you knew you were in for a treat every time he took the mound. Even after the games he played, he cared about the fans with his charitable efforts with sick and underprivileged children in the Toronto-area which earned him multiple nominations for the Roberto Clemete Award as a member of the Blue Jays. He was well respected in the clubhouse and by opponents. Even after his career, he still was involved in baseball and in the community, coaching the AAU’s Florida Burn with his kids and donating to the Pasco County Police Department.

He also had a passion for flying; it is a shame that it was the very thing that took his life.

It will be clear that Halladay will be in the Hall of Fame, not only as a great pitcher for both Toronto and Philadelphia, but a well respected human being. Thank you, Doc.