Will the Philadelphia Eagles trade Carson Wentz?

That is the major question after the Philadelphia Eagles season officially came to an abysmal end at the hands of the Washington Football Team.  Not only did the Eagles lose but the way the lost and how they lost opened more questions about this organization.  With this loss the most important offseason in franchise history begins.  Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson will return to “lead” the Eagles who are currently more than $70 million dollars OVER the 2021 projected salary cap.

After the benching of Wentz, a lot of uncertainty has risen about his future here with the Eagles despite just signing a huge extension.  There are a lot of rumors circulating that Carson does not want to return and that he would request a trade in the offseason.  Carson didn’t help himself and those rumors by declining to speak to the media the Monday after their final game.  The major issue with all that is our genius of a General Manager has over $62 million dollars of DEAD cap tied to Wentz.  So even if the Eagles could find a trade partner to send Wentz, which would not be hard, the Eagles are still on the hook for over $62 million dollars for a player who is NOT here.

I for one think it is an absolute mistake to trade Carson this offseason.  You can’t just tell me after 4 years of high-level quarterback play that this season was the real Carson.  I refuse to believe that Carson Wentz just can’t play quarterback any longer, he was too damn good before this year.

Here are the possible destination for Carson Wentz:

No Shot:

Buffalo Bills
Baltimore Ravens
Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Chargers

Not Likely, But I’ve Seen Crazier:

Kansas City Chiefs – Hear me out lol. Andy Reid is the quarterback whisperer we hoped Doug Pederson would be.  Chiefs probably don’t have the cap space and there is that kid named Patrick Mahomes, but like I said I’ve seen crazier!
Green Bay Packers – I know they just drafted Jordan Love but let us be real Carson is better than Jordan Love.  How much longer can Aaron Rodgers keep playing at a high level? Rodgers and Carson seem to have had a nice chat a few weeks back, could that have been a recruiting pitch?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – How long can Tom Brady really do it?  Bruce Arians is a great offensive coach especially with quarterbacks.
Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow played well before his season was ended by a terrible injury.  If there are any lingering doubts of Burrow returning to form, it’s a possibility.
Los Angeles Rams – The player drafted one pick ahead of Carson is still there, however the Rams have been up and down with Jared Goff as their quarterback.
Miami Dolphins – They just wasted the #5 overall pick on Tua Tagovailoa, who stinks, but they are tied to him for at least another year or so.
Cleveland Browns – Baker Mayfield may have answered many critics this season leading the Browns to 11 wins and their first playoff berth since 2002.
Tennessee Titans – Just signed Ryan Tannehill to an extension but it wasn’t long term.
Carolina Panthers – Signed Teddy Two Gloves to a multi-year deal this past offseason. If they make a move for a quarterback it’ll most likely be in the draft.
New York Jets – Have the #2 overall pick in the upcoming draft which could be one of the two top quarterback, Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields.  Does Joe Douglass’ relationship with Carson force him into another direction for the draft and then a trade for Carson?
Jacksonville Jaguars – Have the #1 overall pick and should take Trevor Lawrence.  But does rumored incoming head coach Urban Meyer want a more established quarterback to lead the Jags?
Houston Texans – Houston was initially listed under the “No Shot” section however the rumors of a Deshaun Watson requesting a trade has moved them up the list.  Still not likely as the Texans are over the cap and you wouldn’t think that they’d be in the business of taking on a huge contact like Carson’s.

12-14. Washington Football Team/Dallas Cowboys/New York Giants – The entire NFC East has question marks at quarterback, no questions there.  How likely is an inter-division trade of a franchise quarterback?  I’d love it, personally, so Carson could come back twice a year and absolutely shove it to Howie and Doug!

So, You’re Saying There’s A Chance:

Chicago Bears – Yes, Mitchell Trubisky has played well down the stretch here heading into the playoffs, but he’s not extended just yet.  Does Chicago team Carson back up with Nick Foles as his backup?
Las Vegas Raiders – What do they do with Derek Carr?  Is he their long-term answer as they plant their roots in Sin City?
Minnesota Vikings – Kirk Cousins is still signed for another year, but will they extend him?  If the Vikings move on from Mike Zimmer would the incoming coach want a different quarterback?
Detroit Lions – Is this the offseason that the Lions move on from Matthew Stafford?  Stafford’s career has been wasted in Detroit and I’m sure he’d love an opportunity to potentially win somewhere else.  New front office and coaching staff will be coming into Detroit might want a change at quarterback.
Atlanta Falcons – Although Matt Ryan is still playing at an above average level there will be a new front office and coaching staff in Atlanta. Similarly, to Detroit is this the time the Falcons move on from their franchise great?
Pittsburgh Steelers – Big Ben is already showing signs of slowing down.  The Steelers have a plethora of wide receiver weapons at their disposal and trading for Wentz would keep them in the mix at the top of the AFC North.

Top 5:

Denver Broncos – The quarterback woes continue for the Broncos as Drew Lock is not the answer, at least right now.  The Broncos have used a lot of recent draft capital on wide receivers and just need a capable quarterback to distribute the football.  Does John Elway finally make the deal to bring in a legit starter in this league?
San Francisco 49ers – Kyle Shanahan’s super-duper offense is still searching for its quarterback. Do they continue to ride the Jimmy Garoppolo train, or do they upgrade the most important position in the sport?
New England Patriots – Bill Belichick is still searching for a quarterback since Tom Brady left for Tampa.  They tried to buy low on Cam Newton but that didn’t work.  Obviously, Jarrett Stidham isn’t the answer, or they wouldn’t have run Cam out there all year.  Jimmy Garoppolo is another possibility here for New England.
New Orleans Saints – The second most logical destination.  Drew Brees’ playing days are numbered in many ways.  Sean Payton has come out and said he likes the tools that Carson Wentz has and thinks he could “fix” him if he indeed needs fixing.  The Saints have a great running attack and wide receivers to help Carson.  Also doesn’t have anything else in terms of quarterbacks on the roster, actual quarterbacks not running backs pretending to be quarterbacks.  Jameis Winston was only signed to a one year deal and had Taysom Hill playing over him when Brees was injured.

Indianapolis Colts – We’ve finally reached the most logical landing spot for Carson.  Wentz has come out and said he’d love to be reunited with Frank Reich and claims he doesn’t “trust” anyone else but him.  Even outside of all of that they have questions at the quarterback position going into the future.  Philip Rivers isn’t a long-term option. Jacoby Brissett is not either.  They have a great offensive live, running attack, and young productive wide receivers that would make the Colts the team to beat in the AFC South.