Philadelphia Eagles 22, New York Giants 21

Not even 24 hours following a Week 7 win against the New York Giants, Carson Wentz has silenced the critics.

It was another day in Philadelphia with the Eagles trailing by 11 points in the fourth quarter. The Philadelphia Eagles entered yet another game with a decimated offensive line, Boston Scott and Corey Clement controlling the backfield, and the hype surrounding the return of the Eagles’ 33-year-old wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

Despite losing Jackson and Lane Johnson in the fourth quarter, It was Carson Wentz who put the football world on notice. The Eagles scored 12 unanswered points to get the victory, as Wentz finished 5 of 6 for 121 yards with 2 touchdowns and a perfect rating of 158.3. Regardless of the Eagles’ biggest issues in Philadelphia, what Wentz can do with a former college QB and two players claimed from practice squads within the past 2 years as his top three options, is definitely not one of them.


“Nothing is black-and-white, except for winning and losing.”

It was certainly an ugly win. The Eagles suffered from poor offensive line play, a run defense that allowed 160 yards on the ground, terrible decisions by Doug Pederson, a 29-yard field goal missed by their $21 million Kicker, yet Wentz put the team on his back.


Wentz silences the critics

“This is what it takes, especially with the situation that we are in healthwise as a team. We know these games are probably going to be closer than we would like, but it is good to see your quarterback stand in there, go toe-to-toe, take some shots and still lead your team down the field for the win,” Philadelphia coach Doug Pederson said.

I’ve said all year that Wentz’ mindset was his issue, because we all know the admirable talent that he brings to the table. Forget the turnovers or the missed opportunities, the Eagles are using other teams’ practice squad players and instantly activating them within weeks. Wentz has elevated guys like Boston Scott and Travis Fulgham into stars, looked unstoppable with his 4th string TE, and avoids being tackled by his own linemen that shouldn’t be anywhere near the NFL.

Although Pederson’s play calling is still inexcusable and Jim Schwartz is still employed, the NFC East belongs to Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. Wentz is back and there’s absolutely no reason he shouldn’t have all of Philadelphia’s support.

The Eagles will look to stay on top of the division when they clash with the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, next week.