2017 Philadelphia Eagles

The 2017 Philadelphia Eagles will forever be remembered in this city. They had a locker room that was united like no other. It was because they all had one goal in mind. A goal they set back in mini camp.



…….. never judged one another. That’s how the world should be. Not everyone has the same beliefs or opinions. These Philadelphia Eagles players knew that. If people agreed on everything, the world would be a mess and we’d never change for the better. This team had a large amount of players devoted to Christianity and they weren’t shy about it. In fact, multiple players were baptized this year. Such as, Marcus Johnson, Mychal Kendricks and Zach Ertz. But they knew how to go about their faith. They didn’t throw it other teammate’s faces. They respectfully talked about their beliefs and the guys who didn’t believe would listen. We’re all human. Beliefs don’t change that. That’s why this locker room clicked on and off the field.

And that’s how a culture is built. The reason Chip Kelly’s “culture” never worked was because he wanted everything HIS way. That’s not a culture, that’s a dictatorship. The reason Doug Pederson’s “culture” worked was because he listened to his players. He took the littlest things into consideration like practicing in pads during the playoffs just because his players asked. That’s what a good leader does. I always saw that attribute in him.

It was hard to imagine what I would do if the Eagles won the Super Bowl. I just knew I’d feel like a thousand pounds was lifted off my shoulders. And that’s exactly how this entire week has felt. I don’t have to worry about the trolls on social media. Because for once, they were wrong.

Eagles Fan’s

I also didn’t know how we’d win the Super Bowl. My brother and I used to be so high on Foles back in 2012. In those few games he played in, he screamed potential. It felt like “hey, we finally have a young QB. Maybe he’ll take us to the promise land.” Then, the entire fanbase really felt that after the 2013 season. But that ship quickly sailed when he was traded to the St. Louis Rams after the 2014 season. 2015 was a dark year as an Eagles fan. But once Carson Wentz & Pederson came to town in 2016, things felt fresh. They both had an up and down year, but you could see the potential. Fast forward to the middle of the 2017 season and there was no doubt Wentz would lead us to a Super Bowl. However, being an Eagles fan isn’t easy. Nothing ever goes as planned. Wentz goes down with an ACL and people lost hope. But back in the winter, we brought back that guy named Nick Foles. He didn’t have to be a super hero. This roster was good enough to win games. They had a bond that couldn’t be broken. He just had to do his job. He did that, and then some. Leading the Eagles to their first ever Super Bowl title. And you know what, I’m happy it ended up this way. Now Nick Foles has a legacy. A real one. He’ll no longer be known as the “27 & 2 guy”. He’ll be known as the guy who led the Eagles to their first ever Super Bowl win.

I know Wentz will win us more titles. I’m just happy Foles had his turn. No one believed in him. Outside on Philly, no one believed in this team. But they believed in each other. And that’s all they needed. We all we got. We all we need.