Make 76ers Basketball Great Again

Growing up in the Philadelphia area in the late 90’s, NBA basketball was fun…like really fun! Of course having a hall of fame talent and polarizing figure like Allen Iverson playing for your hometown team can do that. Anybody that was a 76ers fan remembers just how special A.I. was as a player and how popular of a figure he was in this city.

To most fans, there are two moments that stick out more than any other. Everybody remembers the crossover on the greatest of all-time Michael Jordan and I personally will never forget the 2001 Finals when he stepped over Tyronn Lue after hitting a fadeaway jumper. That moment against the Lakers will always be one of my favorites sports memories. Throughout his career, Allen provided fans with excitement on a nightly basis. Unfortunately, since his retirement it seems like there has been very little excitement in this city when it comes to basketball.

Hell, the most exciting thing has been Villanova winning a National Championship and they technically don’t even play in the city of Philadelphia. Sorry Villanova fans, but Radnor Township is not Philadelphia.

All that is changing now though as Ben Simmons has stormed onto the scene in his rookie campaign. If you haven’t been paying attention, the kid is a flat out stud. Every game he plays, it seems like he gets better and better and I can’t help myself but to get excited. 76ers basketball is back baby, and it is fun to be a basketball fan in this city again. It won’t be long before this kid brings an NBA championship back to Philadelphia.

As fired up as I am about Ben Simmons and the future of this team, I also can’t help myself but to get fired up when it comes to the haters. It’s about time somebody put all those haters in their place. Those people are idiots! Let’s be honest, the kid has had a ton of haters since we drafted him number 1 overall in 2016.

People talked about his one season at LSU where he played with a bunch of scrubs and didn’t go to the NCAA tournament. Despite the fact that Simmons was a double-double machine at LSU, they made the argument that he can’t be that good because he couldn’t carry that team to the tournament. They made the argument that all of his big games came against lesser opponents. They made the argument that his jump shot form was broken and could never be fixed. These people were so blinded with hate that they could not admit that the kid was special.


We saw a glimpse of how special he was during the Summer League last year. Of course, it made the haters happy when he didn’t play at all last season because of the 76ers dumbass training staff. Even coming into this season, when everybody in Philadelphia was convinced this kid would be rookie of the year, all the haters turned their focus to Lonzo Ball.

The Ball Family Circus had everybody fooled. The Ben Simmons haters said Lonzo was a once in a generation talent. That Lonzo was the next great superstar in the game. They even ignored the fact that Lonzo has more of a busted jump shot than Ben. Apparently, that didn’t matter for Lonzo like it did for Ben. It’s funny how that works.

The truth is there is nothing that Lonzo does better than Ben. Ben is bigger, more athletic, a better scorer, a better rebounder, a better defender and his passing ability is Magic Johnson esque. As a matter of fact, I’m just gonna come out and say it, Lonzo Ball is a poor man’s Ben Simmons and I hope that pisses all the haters off.

Lakers fans can be excited about Lonzo all they want. He will never be Ben Simmons. And while that fraudulent fan base is getting ripped off by the Ball Family Circus and the group of clowns that play in LA with Lonzo, I will personally enjoy Ben Simmons continuing to make the haters look stupid. Write it down right now. Ben Simmons will be the Rookie of the Year this season. He will be a future MVP. He will win multiple NBA Championships in this city. Most importantly, he will make 76ers basketball great again! The next decade will be a fun ride Sixers fans. Let’s enjoy every moment of it.

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