Lebron James

It is without question the biggest sports story of the summer. One of those ratings driving stories sports talk show hosts just dream about. Forget about anything else in the sports world because for the next month the hype surrounding LeBron James and “The Decision 2.0” is all anybody is paying attention too. Obviously, in Philly we are excited about the chances of LeBron joining the 76ers. According to Vegas, putting money on Philly as the landing spot for King James isn’t a bad idea. They consider us a favorite and as 76ers fans we always point towards James big brother relationship with Ben Simmons as even more proof that he will come to Philly to complete “the process”. Oh what fun it would be to be a 76ers fan if that happened. There is a problem with all this hype though. The National Media will not shut the fuck up about LeBron and the Lakers. It is starting to get rather annoying.

I watched Colin Cowherd’s show the other day and now I will never get that hour of my life back. He rambled on forever about why LeBron needs to come to LA and be a Laker. Proceeding to give reasons why LeBron will end up in LA. He mentioned the fact that LeBron’s son is about to play high school ball with Scottie Pippen’s son at an elite LA private school. He mentioned LeBron’s LA homes and already being comfortable with the city. He even brought that circus act Lavar Ball on his show as they “discussed” the idea of LeBron and Lonzo on the same team. Literally, the entire segment was focused on LA. Cowherd even tagged LeBron in a tweet of a picture of the sunset over the beach with the phrase “a typical Wednesday night in LA”. There could not be a stronger media bias when it comes to this. It is clear where they want LeBron to sign.

Just to have some fun let’s roll with this LeBron to LA idea. With the Lakers he would get to play with Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Julius Randle. Hmmm…that doesn’t sound anywhere near as intriguing as playing with Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, Markelle Fultz etc. Luke Walton is the head coach in LA. I don’t know personally, but I would guess LeBron is tired of being the Head Coach and the best player. He did that for long enough in Cleveland. He can come to Philly where he can put total trust in Brett Brown. Here in Philly, he also doesn’t have to worry about Lavar Ball. I find it interesting that nobody in the National Media is bringing up Lavar Ball as a reason to not go to LA. LeBron has already made negative comments about Lavar as a father and being over involved with the Lakers. He was also seen pre-game making fun of Lonzo’s busted jump shot. Wherever LeBron goes, it will become his city for as long as he plays there. In LA that won’t end well. The tension between Lavar, Lonzo, and LeBron will become a bigger story than basketball at some point. Also, the idea that because LeBron has a home in LA that means he is signing there is bullshit in my opinion. Do you know how many players play in one city but live in another? It happens all the time. Hell, LeBron still had property in Cleveland that he lived in part time while playing in Miami. If LeBron is most concerned with winning at this point in his career, Philly is a better option than LA. The media isn’t concerned with the winning side of it though. They like to have a story. Hey, National Media, here’s a story for you. LeBron James to Philly, 76ers win 2019 NBA Title. Now, that’s a story we all can enjoy reading.