I know there is mixed reports out there. In my opinion though, the Philadelphia Eagles will trade for Le’Veon Bell. At least, they need too. This offense has been, what is the word to best describe it…INEFFICIENT!!

A sluggish 2-3 start for the Birds can be contributed to a lot of things. One of the biggest problems has been offensive efficiency. The Birds are averaging about 20 points a game despite moving the ball rather well at times. 25th in the league after leading the league in scoring a year ago. After being 3rd in the league in rushing a year ago, the Eagles currently rank 16th. They lead the league in fumbles at 1.4 per game. Carson Wentz has been sacked 12 times and hit 27 times in 3 games since his return from injury. It’s just not good! All these things are absolutely terrible. You know what would help all these things in a tremendous way? Making a trade for Le’Veon Bell.

Forget about the obvious upgrade Bell would be running the football. He is so much more than that. He can catch close to 100 passes out of of the backfield and is one of the best pass protection running backs in the game as well. Both are attributes that are huge in a Doug Pederson offense but yet we don’t have a back capable of doing either one. Bell is the total package and in my opinion, a top 5 player in all of football.

The Steelers apparently want a player and a draft pick for him. We all know Howie Roseman is a salary cap GENIUS and hypothetically speaking let’s say he could find a way to make the cap work so we could sign Le’Veon long term. What are you willing to give up? The Pittsburgh Steelers need secondary help. Could we trade Ronald Darby and a 3rd for Le’Veon? Some of the money that would go to Darby in an extension could realistically go to Bell at that point. I’ve heard that scenario thrown around a bunch on social media over the past couple days. To be honest, I would even throw in another player in that trade I mentioned. It is that worth it in my opinion. I think the cool thing about this conversation is that there is probably 5 to 10 realistic trade scenarios that could be thrown out there. At this point though, I feel anybody who wouldn’t want to make a trade for Le’Veon Bell doesn’t want to repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

Bottom line is, this team has issues right now. Defense hasn’t played well in big situations. No running game for the most part. The offensive line cannot protect the quarterback for whatever reason and their has been to many penalties and turnovers. Le’Veon Bell changes this football team though. He’s a game changer and immediately helps fix multiple issues for this team.

Howie Roseman needs to do what he needs to do to get that trade done. It’s the perfect fit for both parties in my opinion. I am ready to repeat as Super Bowl Champs and it starts with a trade for the best running back in football!