Mike Felger Mocks Roy Halladay

Who the fuck is Mike Felger? No, seriously who the fuck is he? Because until today I had never heard of the guy or his piece of shit radio partner Tony Massarotti. For those who do not know, Felger apparently comes from the Skip Bayless School of Journalism. You know, the one where you can be a total scumbag with zero sports knowledge and still find a job in sports broadcasting. Actually, I believe he has a masters degree from that school and apparently he has been putting it to good use just like his boy Skip.

The guy is an attention whore and Boston sports fans have apparently been well aware of how unprofessional he is for a long time now. So I guess I should not have been too surprised when Felger decided it would be funny to mock the tragic death of baseball legend Roy Halladay. In a long rant on his Boston sports radio show, Felger repeatedly called Halladay a “moron” and an “idiot”. He even went as far as to say Roy “got what he deserved”.

Before we come back to Felger, because trust me I am not finished with this asshole yet, let’s talk a little bit more about Roy Halladay and how his death has affected the baseball world. Roy was obviously a beloved figure here in Philadelphia. He was also beloved around baseball though and for reasons that had nothing to do with the game itself. He was simply beloved because he was a great human being.

A down to earth, normal guy who never cared about the fame or fortune that came with professional baseball. If you have seen the responses from former teammates like Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Jayson Werth and former manager Charlie Manuel you know exactly what I mean. He was a rare individual that you just do not see very often in the cut throat business of professional sports.

He was a true family man who in retirement dedicated most of his time to coaching his two son’s baseball teams. It was cool to get to see him in that environment first hand when I umpired an AAU tournament in Tampa. Roy was coaching and the passion he showed for those kids on his team was similar to the passion he showed on the mound each night. To put it simply, professional sports needs more people like Roy Halladay. Hell, the world needs more people like Roy Halladay. He was as genuine as they come. Which now brings me back to Mike Felger.

Mike Felger was quoted during his rant as saying “Weee! Oh, look, I just landed on the water, everybody. I’m gonna tweet it! Splat. You’re dead. Two kids. Moron,”. I have no clue what the hell was going through this scumbag’s mind during this rant but he is the real “moron”. The disrespect and unprofessionalism from Felger should most certainly land him in hot water with his employer. There is no question the guy should be fired. Especially when you look at his track record. This is the same guy that at one point accused current MLB reporter Heidi Watney of having an affair with MLB catcher Jason Varitek while she was an on-field reporter for the Boston Red Sox.


He is also the same guy that is a self professed “family man” but before marrying news anchorwoman Sara Underwood, had his first marriage fail because of infidelities on his behalf. Pretty much, he cheated with every whore who walked by. This is the same “family man” who jokes on the air about smoking cigars and blowing the smoke in kid’s faces. Seems very hypocritical of Felger to rip a genuine family man like Roy Halladay when he is clearly a Grade A piece of shit. Since Felger is so adamant about people “getting what they deserve”, let’s all hope he gets what he deserves and loses his job over this. Hell, for all I care, this guy could drop dead tomorrow. Let his family see what it’s like to live without a husband and father. Karma can be a real bitch sometimes, and Felger could very well have some karma coming his way.

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