Mikal Bridges will more than likely leave Villanova University for the 2018 NBA Draft. And deservedly so. Jay Wright has really polished him offensively. It’s his defensive potential that makes him a really exciting prospect, though.

The guy has worked tirelessly to get to this point. Every year his points, rebounds and 3P% has risen. He’s 6’7, very long, defends his tail off, can spot up and put it on the floor when he needs to. Getting to the rim is something he has to work on some more, but I wouldn’t necessarily a weakness of his. It’s more so the the system the plays in at ‘Nova.

As for how he fits with Philadelphia? It’s the closest thing to a perfect fit. Head Coach Brett Brown is a defense first guy, no matter how much he preaches moving the ball and running offensively, he knows everything starts on the defensive end. Bridges will bring that from day one. He’s already an NBA ready defender. I can just see it now, Bridges with a block, Ben scoops it up, passes it up court to a streaking Dario Saric.

Speaking of Ben Simmons, Bridges would be one of his best friends on the court. Mikal cuts to the hoop. Ben would find him almost every time. He also runs the floor. He can either stay out for a three or take it all the way to cup and potentially drawl a foul. He’s been solid from the line his entire college career. That’s always a plus with any prospect. I just see him really excelling in Brown’s system.

Most mock drafts have him anywhere from #7-#12. Hopefully, Mikal will be on the board when the Sixers (via LAL) are on the clock