Marqise Lee
Marqise Lee what were you thinking?

Late in the 4th quarter of the Jacksonville Jaguars San Diego Chargers game, QB Blake Bortles had his team driving down the field.  He had them in striking distance with a chance to win the game in regulation.  A shot at the end zone and what seemed to be a pass interference on the Chargers had the Jags on the 1 yard line.  Then Marqise Lee happened.  This guy has to be one of the stupidest individuals of all time.  Your team is down by 3 with a chance to score a touchdown and decide to celebrate a flag.  A flag, not a touchdown or a first down, a flag.  The only positive thing that came out of Lee’s play was the fact that the dance was pretty smooth.

This guy almost cost his team a win against the 3-5 Chargers at home.  Can you imagine what would happen if the Jags lost this game?  The only thing that I could see happening is complete anarchy in Jacksonville.  If this idiot does this in Philly and cost the Eagles, I don’t even want to imagine what would happen.  Not only did he draw a flag to offset the potential pass interference, the refs picked up the flag on the defense.  Lee cost them 15 yards for doing a pretty cool dance.

This would be a much more exciting thing to write about if the Jaguars lost that game but instead, Josh Lamb bailed him out to beat his own former team in overtime. If I am Blake Bortles I would be flipping out on this guy even though we win.  If I am Marquise Lee I would buy Lambo dinner for a month because he might have saved Marquise Lee’s life.  Just play the game and stop being a moron.