Manny Machado Scumbag

It is one of the greatest times of the year. Yes, for everybody in the Philly area it is the start of the fall season. Leaves are changing color and you can’t go anywhere without a hoodie. At least that is how fall was for me growing up. Now, down here in Florida it is definitely not hoodie weather but one thing remains the same as back home. The fall season means the start of the MLB playoffs. The MLB playoffs are fucking awesome! I rank it ahead of the NHL playoffs as the best playoffs in all of sports. As Philly sports fans we are obviously all paying attention to the Dodgers/Brewers series. Manny Machado is the Christmas wish of all Phillies fans this winter. At least he was until about 48 hours ago.

It all started in Game 2 of the NLCS between the Brewers and Dodgers. Manny Machado didn’t hustle on a bobbled ground ball to shortstop Orlando Arcia. When questioned about it post game Machado had a rather troubling answer. He responded with “I’m not the type of player that’s going to be Johnny Hustle…that’s not who I am”. Let’s be honest, we all know this wouldn’t go over well in Philly. 40,000 people would boo him right the fuck out of Citizens Bank Park if he did that in a playoff game! He didn’t help his reputation in Game 4 when he appeared to intentionally kick the foot of Brewers first baseman Jesus Aguilar as he ran out a ground ball. This led to Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich calling Machado a ‘dirty” player. Maybe Machado is a dirty player. He is also a superstar who can hit 40 Home Runs, make electrifying defensive plays and a carry a team on his back. If I’m just being honest, I think not hustling on the ground ball will ALWAYS be a much bigger deal to Phillies fans than what happen with Aguilar at first base. As much as I might be in the minority, the play with Aguilar doesn’t bother me at all. I laughed at loud when I first saw it to be honest.

I know a lot of Phillies fans are saying we can’t sign this guy now. I call BULLSHIT on that theory. If anything this helps the Phillies make a deal happen this offseason. Perhaps this reputation as a “dirty” player hurts Machado in free agency a little bit and we end up being able to sign him for less money. Regardless, we are getting way to bent out of shape about all of this as Phillies fans. If you are a Phillies fans who thinks we shouldn’t sign Machado because of this just ask yourself one question. Would Manny Machado make this team better? We all know the answer is yes. Also, if we’re being honest as Phillies fans, we would give Machado a standing ovation if he did the same thing to a Mets player as he did to Aguilar. He would be loved in this city forever. Anybody who tries to say differently is a liar! If I’m Matt Klentak, Manny Machado could not run out another ground ball this entire series and I would still try to sign him. I care about winning. In my opinion, Manny Machado gives the Phillies a better chance to win. That’s all I care about at the end of the day.