Magic Johnson just wasn’t having fun anymore. That’s why he step down suddenly as Lakers President of Basketball Operations. It’s a shame too because I was having a blast ever since he took over the Lakers organization and proceeded to run it straight into the ground. Magic referred to himself as a “Free Bird” after the resignation, claiming he can’t be handcuffed anymore. My favorite part, he cited the Ben Simmons situation from February as a reason for his resignation, claiming the situation “hurt him”. Remember when reports came out that Simmons wanted to work out with Johnson but 76ers GM Elton Brand put a stop to it? Yeah that situation is the one Johnson is referring too. Here’s the thing, I’m pushing the bullshit button with this!

Magic can say whatever he wants about the Ben Simmons situation. He can claim it “hurt him” or whatever that’s fine, but I know better. I have eyes and my eyes tell me that Magic Johnson was screwed long before the Ben Simmons situation ever happen. No, I’m not talking about his HIV, that’s old news. Although, I am talking about a completely different type of virus! In my opinion, Magic Johnson was screwed the moment he drafted Lonzo Ball. Make no mistake about it the Ball family is a virus. The moment Magic invited the Ball Family Circus to town his fate was sealed and this decision was bound to happen. It’s a family circus and the Ringmaster LaVar Ball instantly became the center of attention. LaVar made it impossible for Magic to do his job. From criticizing Luke Walton and feuding with Donald Trump, as well as forming his own Big Baller Brand, LaVar made it all about him. The stupid part is, Magic allowed it to happen. He allowed the Ball Family Circus to take over a city he onced owned. As if that situation wasn’t bad enough, LeBron James entered the picture. How could anybody be shocked by this outcome? I feel like R-Kelly as he says “use your common sense”. LeBron has had a hostile relationship with every GM and Coach he has ever had. Let’s all be honest, after what happened in Cleveland, if you didn’t think LeBron was gonna hold the Lakers organization hostage to try to get his way than you are a stone cold moron!

Magic Johnson has been in way over his head since he took that job. Ben Simmons has nothing to do with this. Did you see Magic’s 45 minute rambling press conference announcing his decision? He’s finally looked in the mirror and accepted that he’s not capable of doing that job. Yet he couldn’t fully admit it to the fans so Ben Simmons became a scapegoat. He should have publicly blamed LaVar Ball. Now that would have led to some fireworks we all would have paid money to see.