Lonnie Walker NBA

Most prospects drafted outside the top eight really don’t get talked about much. That was the case with Donovan Mitchell this past season. He was selected 13th overall by the Denver Nuggets and traded to the Utah Jazz. No one really saw him coming except for himself. I believe this could be the case with Lonnie Walker.

Mitchell averaged 7.4 points per game his freshmen year at the University of Louisville. He jumped to 15.6 his sophomore year. Walker averaged 11.5 as a freshmen this past season at the University of Miami. Their offensive games are vastly similar.

Walker has very good off-ball skills. His ability to catch and shoot is attractive to any team. But he can be a very good cutter to the rim and mover off of screens. Teams love players that don’t need the ball in their hands to be affective. With that being said, he is very much capable of handling the ball and getting to the rim or hitting pull up jumpers. The only downside to this is he can often times become a black hole on offense. He doesn’t have the greatest court vision either, so he may be turnover prone.

Defensively, Walker is tough and fast. This can sometimes cause him to be undisciplined and get caught in the air, but for the most part he forces his opponents into low percentage jumpers. A near 6’11 wingspan allows him to guard multiple positions on the court which is great in today’s game.

If he’s on the board at #10, I think long and hard if I’m the Philadelphia 76ers. He’s a near perfect fit. He’s instant offense off the bench and I feel he’d work very well with Ben Simmons. Having Lonnie Walker on the roster and a healthy Markelle Fultz gives you two players that can go get you a basket whenever you need it.