Jerry Jones, Rodger Goodell
The Jerry Jones Rodger Goodell drama continues.

Cutting through the bullshit, Jerry Jones threatens to sue the some NFL owners over Roger Goodell contract negotiations reported by USA Today.

Jerry Jones has had hired the famous New York lawyer David Boies.  Boies is best known for representing Vice President Al Gore in the deadlocked 2000 presidential election. More recently led the NFL’s court case during a dispute over the collective bargaining agreement negotiations in 2011.

One group of NFL owner, including Jones, wants Goodell’s next contract to include more of a compensation performance-based than a flat, guaranteed figure. The other NFL owners don’t give a shit and plan to complete their contract extension with Commissioner Roger Goodell despite the threat by Jerry Jones to file a lawsuit to block the deal.

“He feels as if the owners have made a lot of money and he should be compensated accordingly,”
– Roger Goodell


All of this in the wake of the ongoing Ezekiel Elliot saga.

Personally, I think that Jones and Goodell should both just be deleted from the league. On one hand you have a billion dollar baby that hires criminals to sell merchandise and the other does absolutely nothing besides flip-flops on issues and collects a big time paycheck.