I have always taken pride in being a Philadelphia sports fan. The idea that as Philly sports fans, we were more intelligent than other fans was something I always felt had a lot of truth to it. I can’t stand fans who are stupid and uneducated but I really can’t stand people from our fanbase, claiming to be Philly sports fans who are stupid and uneducated. A lot of those fuckers are floating around social media at the moment. Somebody has to revoke their fan card and it might as well be me.

There are two narratives I keep hearing that are really pissing me off. Eagles fans blaming Wentz for being 3-4 and these so called “fans” who continue to want Nick Foles to be the starting quarterback. These creeps that won’t stop sucking Foles dick are just starting to give me a weird vibe. They remind me of the people we all knew in high school that become obsessed with the first person they ever fuck. Let’s be honest, we all knew a guy that took some girls virginity only for her to become obsessed with him after that. Texting him at all hours of the day, claiming to be in love with him, getting his name tattooed on her back, pretty much never leaving him alone. Than even after it’s over and there is no chance of a long term relationship she still can’t let it go. That is how these creeps are acting except they are grown ass men. How sad is that? Yes, Nick Foles should be a legend in this city forever but the fact that some fans are acting like emotional teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert when it comes to their love for Foles is ridiculous! It is ok to love the guy and still admit that he will never be Carson Wentz. Not on his best day will Nick Foles ever have the talent and ability Carson Wentz has. Over the past two years we’ve seen both guys have a chance to play with a full set of weapons. Wentz has been the better player and ran the offense more efficiently and anybody who tries to say different is either a hater or doesn’t understand football. Plain and simple!

Now, speaking of Carson Wentz, this other narrative that fans are using blaming Carson for the teams struggles are absurd! He’s playing at a statistically higher level than he was last year. I have this theory, that there are a lot of people who thought on draft day that he would be a bust, and because of that they don’t want to see him succeed. It is almost as if they root against him and every year it’s a different false narrative. His first year critics just tried to say he wasn’t any good when he had trash cans for Wide Receivers. Year two he has an MVP like year and they say he had all these weapons and great coaching and it’s just the system. Now, the narrative is that he isn’t clutch. He’s had limited opportunities but he’s had some clutch moments.

Ravens game his rookie year bring the team back from 14 points. Giants game last year big time throw to Alshon that led to the 61 yard field goal. He was pretty clutch in that Redskins prime time game as well. I thought that was his MVP coming out party. Throwing a touchdown on a torn ACL is pretty clutch too. Hell, he led a comeback this year against the Colts, and if Jay Ajayi doesn’t fumble in the redzone against the Vikings there is a good chance he leads that comeback too. It’s just stupid! We all know who is to really blame for this team’s struggles and that is Jim Schwartz. I know I have heard some people say that statistically this is a top 10 defense. That might be true but top 10 defenses don’t allow conversions of 4th and 10 and 4th and 15 with the game on the line. It’s happen TWICE in 7 games this year. Get out of here with this nonsense of blaming Carson Wentz. These losers guilty of blaming Wentz are the same creeps with Nick Foles jizz dripping out of the side of their mouth, after they just got done blowing him for the Super Bowl title they act like he won single handedly. It disgusts me!