Let me be as clear as possible. These losers and hypocrites who judge another person over something they said or did as a teenager need to get a life. I mean seriously, those people need to move the fuck out of mommy’s basement and find something better to do with their time. Preferably get a job or better yet, find a damn lover! Yeah, that’s a great idea because there is no doubt these people need to get laid bad! Everybody think back to when you were a teenager. You probably remember doing some really stupid shit don’t you? I know I definitely do. It’s just how growing up works. You do stupid shit, you learn from it, you move on and you try to become a better person going forward. So that’s why this new trend in professional sports is really pissing me off!

It all started back in April when Josh Allen nearly had his NFL draft stock plummet over some offensive tweets he sent in high school. It continued at the MLB All-Star Game a couple weeks back. Brewers star Josh Hader had an impressive pitching performance only to face questions afterwards about insensitive tweets from 7 years ago. Finally this past week, Braves pitcher Sean Newcomb came one out away from throwing a No-Hitter. Instead of talking about the dominant performance, he was forced to answer questions about tweets from when he was 17 years old. This dude is 25 years old now. Those tweets were from 8 years ago. I honestly feel bad for the people who give a fuck enough to care about what somebody tweeted when they were in high school. Especially when this was almost a decade ago and nobody seem to give a rats ass until now. It really is pathetic and it needs to stop!

Jon Lester had some good advice for young people everywhere when he said scrub your social media accounts. Don’t give any of these loser and hypocrites shit to bring up from mom’s basement. Trust me, dig deep enough into these jealous scumbags past and we would find shit just as bad and probably much worse in some of their cases. The bottom line is we all did dumb shit as teenagers. It is not okay to try to ruin somebody’s life and hurt their career by bringing shit up from high school. Seriously, get a life people!