I hate to break it to Eagles fans, but Donovan McNabb has a drinking problem. Yes, it is true Donovan has some DUI’s, but those have nothing to do with this. Let me explain, Monday on First Take on ESPN, Donovan was a guest and he made some pretty stupid comments. So stupid in fact, that the only explanation I could come up with was that Donovan must be drunk again. He compared the 2017 Eagles signing Alshon Jeffery to the time the Eagles signed Charles Johnson and Torrance Small when he was a rookie. He even went as far as to call Alshon Jeffery “Old” and “Injury Prone” just like those two scrubs. Let’s be clear, Donovan has masses of fans in this city, but it is comments like this that are the reason Donovan has so many detractors as well. I mean, not only is Donovan a drunk but he is also one of the most polarizing athletes to ever play in Philadelphia.

Now, statistically Donovan is the greatest quarterback in Eagles franchise history. This hasn’t stopped me from being a part of the group that doesn’t like Donovan though. I am aware that this might make me unpopular amongst some Eagles fans, but I have disliked Donovan since he got sick in the Super Bowl and choked up what would have been the greatest moment in Eagles franchise history. It’s not that I don’t want to like Donovan, since he has retired I have continuously made an effort to try to like him more than when he played. Since that time though there has been multiple stories from former teammates that have painted the picture that Donovan was “insecure” and “passive aggressive”. Now that we see Donovan is an alcoholic it is starting to become easier and easier to believe those stories. Besides the DUI’s, he has also made negative comments about the Eagles trading up to get Carson Wentz. Now, he is comparing Alshon Jeffery who is probably a top 20 WR in football to a scrub like Torrance Small and Charles Johnson. In all honesty, he sounds bitter. It is similar to when the ex girlfriend tries to sabotage the relationship you’re building with the new girlfriend. It is as if there is some jealousy that has come spewing out of #5. It’s pathetic. Donovan is quickly becoming pathetic, and I am tired of trying to like him.

For Donovan’s sake I hope he gets some help. Whatever issues he has going on, as Eagles fans let’s hope he gets them under control. I just don’t care about liking the guy anymore. As far as the Eagles go, Carson Wentz looks special. The excitement level is similar to what it was with Donovan early in his Eagles career. To me though there is one difference, Carson will do what Donovan never did. He’s going to deliver a Super Bowl Championship to the city of Philadelphia. By that time though, Donovan will have added a couple more DUIs to his personal record.