Prospect evaluation of Oklahoma State RB Chuba Hubbard for the 2021 NFL Draft, which includes his strengths, weaknesses, and projection.

Name: Chuba Hubbard
Position: RB
College: Oklahoma State
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 208 lbs

= Key Terms =

Grading Scale: Poor, Marginal, Adequate, Solid, Good, Great, Elite

Role: Developmental Player, Backup, Complementary Player, Starter, Franchise Player

= Strengths =

Good vision on zone run schemes; patient behind LOS and lets lanes develop.

Sees cutback lanes very well; loves to bang or bend his path on outside zone; decisive getting downhill.

Reacts very quickly to backfield penetration and shows excellent footwork to avoid.

Efficient footwork; shuffles & slides from gap to gap; good spatial awareness.

Uses good angles in space; follows blockers in open field well.

Eludes defenders with good speed cuts and keeps feet within frame to maintain downhill momentum.

Occasionally flashes ability to drop hips & make sharp cuts, usually near LOS before getting upfield.

Good vertical explosion; gets a good amount of momentum going once he’s north-south.

Great top-end speed; has multiple gears once he’s into 2nd & 3rd levels of the defense.

Good contact balance; momentum helps him speed through indirect contact.

When he’s able to lower his pads he can absorb contact to all levels of his body.

Solid power; good leverage & pad level when running between tackles.

Picks up tough yards on 3rd/4th & short situations; doesn’t get cute when he doesn’t need to.

= Weaknesses =

Vision worsens on gap scheme runs; impatient to let pullers set up blocks.

Not a creative runner in space.

Adequate lateral ability; lacks explosion; not a sudden or twitchy mover.

A bit stiff; runs forward but lacks wiggle in hips.

Needs several steps to throttle down.

Great speed but it’s build-up speed; takes time to get to top gear.

Won’t break many tackles if he doesn’t have momentum built up or once wrapped up by defenders.

Not used a lot as a receiver, very unproven; body catcher that is uncomfortable using hands.

Needs work in pass protection; not a physical blocker; goes for cut block too often and gets beat.

Poor ball security; careless with ball; 9 fumbles in 663 touches.

= Other =

Athletic build with thicker lower half. 2019 FBS leading rusher.

Pro Comparison: Tevin Coleman

Chuba Hubbard - Devy Profile - RotoHeat

= Projection (Role & Fit) =

Chuba Hubbard projects as a Solid early-down complementary player in a RB tandem/committee with Good upside. He is a zone runner who displays a good feel for developing lanes and the pursuit of 1st and 2nd level defenders. He is decisive and gets vertical with good anticipation. Combine that with his burst and top-end speed at the 2nd and 3rd levels and you have a player who can take it to the house if given a crease. The challenge that Hubbard faces going forward is his lack of versatility, both scheme-wise and on passing downs. He needs better execution in gap schemes, needs to improve aggressiveness & technique in pass protection, and needs to be comfortable enough to at least be a reliable receiver out of the backfield and near the LOS. Overall, Hubbard’s home-run ability will make him a valuable runner for a zone-based rushing attack.