Philadelphia 76ers

I am disgusted. I am frustrated. I am embarrassed. And I am confused. I don’t really know what just happened.

I get it, Boston is a tough atmosphere to play in. But they are an injury depleted team. Philadelphia 76ers had six days to rest and prepare. Instead of looking energized and ready to go, they’ve looked flat and lifeless.

Both games have felt eerily similar. The Boston Celtics made a 2nd quarter push in game 1. They never looked back after that. The Sixers played catch up all night. On Thursday night in game 2, the Sixers got out to a rip roaring start and they led by 22. The Celtics ended the first half on a 25-8 run. A run in which Brett Brown didn’t bother to even call a timeout. A run that started with 6:20 to go in the 2nd. You can argue all you want that halftime was the Sixers timeout. I don’t want to hear that. Coach Brown should’ve halted that run when the Celtics cut the lead to 12. The momentum shifted and the game just got away from the Sixers. In my eyes, this was lost in that quarter

The blame shouldn’t solely be placed on Brett Brown. Where in the world was Ben Simmons? What player was that out there tonight? He looked completely disengaged. He didn’t try to be aggressive in any way, shape or form. I love the guy. He is going to have a tremendous career. But 1 point out of your star point guard? In the playoffs? I know Ben is the guy, but TJ was hot. Every time he was out there the Sixers looked together. Especially defensively. You should always ride the hot hand. Something has to change. Simmons has struggled all year against Boston. Hopefully, Brett can figure that out.

The Sixers will head back home for game 3 on Saturday and game 4 on Monday. The team as a whole needs to regroup and refocus. This series is far from over. The Sixers have been nearly unbeatable at home in the second half of the season. It also helps that Boston has had their fair share of struggles on the road. They lost all three games in Milwaukee in the first round.