UPDATE: He took his winnings and ran


It is not official yet, however we are expecting to see one big bettor “let-it-ride” one more time on Game 7 between Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros.

According to RJ Bell, who is an odds provider for the Associated Press, a big-time bettor in Vegas has bet on the winning team in each of the six games of the World Series. Translation, the “Biff Tannen” of Eastern Europe is up just over $14 million after Game 6.

Of course, most of the internet is claiming this story is false and I don’t blame them. Every time a championship series is as competitive as the 2017 World Series has been all kinds rumors begin to fly around.

Personally, I am a believer because 1) I am a gambler and love to see the little guy take a chunk out of the desert and 2) the back story actually makes sense.  According to reports this bettor’s history consist of showing up in Vegas and making HUGE bets on UFC.  Now it takes an entire new level of insanity to let it all ride on one game which, lets be honest, is a coin toss…but then again logic is not a luxury at this point.

If “Biff” is successful again on Wednesday, he’ll either win an additional $10.8 million on a Dodgers bet/win or $16.8 million on an Astros bet/win to push him past $30 million total winnings for the entire series.

Side Note:

The moon-estate agency would sell you 1,000,000 acres worth of “lunar land,” for only $30 million.

My advice:

Drop a few million on the game, fly to LA, sit behind home plate and throw Magic a few high-fives.